How to date an older woman?

Love has several forms. It can be expressed in many ways. It has no exception and before you know it, you’re already in love with someone, even older than you. Got no courage? Make use of your charm and follow these dating tips:

  • Take advantage of your confidence.

Take a deep breath. It is not the best time to lower down your self-esteem level. Give her beam and ask here directly for a dinner date. This will let her know that you are certain about your intention and that is sexy for them.

  • Do not mind the age gap.

The rule of thumb is not to focus too much on the age gap. Do not try to mention the obvious since these ladies are extremely aware about their age. An age gap can be one of the main challenges of your relationship. But most successful relationships consider love and companionship as significant reasons for marrying, regardless of how young or old their partners are.

  • Say no to labeling.

Do not try to call her a cougar.  It will definitely offend them. Besides, anyone, regardless of gender doesn’t want to be judged and labeled by someone. This woman has the right to stand on her own, so stop categorizing her.

  • Accept everything about her.

There’s a higher chance that the older version of woman you’ve been dreaming of already have kids of her own. In that case, you need to decide whether you’ll accept her ‘excess baggage’, not unless you both agreed to a casual relationship.

  • Be the man of her dreams.

Although he already got you as her toy-toy does not necessarily mean that she likes you to act like a kid. You are dealing with a real woman, so be the real man she needs in her life. What does this mean? It suggests that you stand up manly once she gets angry with you. Never back down, whine and cringe. Make her do that instead. Grab the control over the situation.

Tip: Better get ready for an earth-shattering make-up sex.

  • Avoid being a control freak.

Are you used to get your own way every time in a relationship? If yes, then better think again before dating an older woman. Keep in mind that sexy, high-spirited and matured woman will not try to respond to your command and whims. Try to limit your approach or else, you’ll suffer the consequences anytime soon.

  • Build the boundaries.

Above all, know your boundaries. Probably, it is the most crucial thing in the list especially when you are into the kind of relationship you’re chasing for. Say, for instance, she just wants to have a good sex with you –which she keeps on denying up until now. She does not care anything else than that. Most likely, you’re thinking the same way as well. If that’s the case, be frank and openly discuss this set up to make sure no one will get hurt.

Dating older woman means you’ll tread on a strange ground. She’s not the usual ‘girl’ you used to date.  To ensure that you’re doing the right thing while dating them, go over repeatedly on the above-mentioned tips.

More importantly, know what your heart is telling. Can you handle her? Are you prepared to face the circumstances and challenges along the way? Only then you can decide whether you’re really ready to date an older woman.

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