How to ensure that your sex life stays healthy

Most people probably didn’t know this, but sex is actually good! It has a lot of benefits especially to your health. Having sex on a daily basis reduces the stress you incur every day. It also increases your immunity from viruses and even helps protect the health of a man’s prostate gland by emptying fluids held there. Aside from that, it triggers the release of chemicals that improve mood and ease the pain.

Sex is good even for elderly people. It may be a problem for menopausal women since it affects their sexual drive, but there is no reason for people to stop having sex. Some things may change like the nature and intensity, but sure enough, love and passion don’t. Listed below are some of the things you can do to have a fulfilling sex life for the rest of your days:

  1. Go and have sex tonight. If you have a partner or just looking for someone for a one night stand date, do it. A regular intercourse helps to keep your sex drive in high gear while increasing the production of testosterone—the hormone responsible for libido in both men and women.
  2. Update your style during sex. Just like wardrobes, your sex play also needs updating. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to experience the same sex routine for the rest of your life. Keeping the physical excitement alive maintains the playfulness, fun, and interest during sex. If you’re in a couple, it adds up to your emotional bond.
  3. Show some love for your body. If your partner sees how much you love and care about your body, it will definitely turn him/her on. Forget about your flaws. Your partner has more important things to think during sex than your imperfections. Confidence makes you sexier, so stop over thinking, be yourself and start humping.
  4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. We do not need exactly to be physically fit to be able to enjoy a good sex. What this means is that, try to avoid unhealthy habits like smoking, binge drinking, eating excessively, etc. as much as possible. The more your body is prone to sickness, the less sex becomes exciting since you have less energy. Do everything in moderation to keep you in motion.
  5. Watch an erotic video with your partner. It may sound a bit disturbing but porn often does the trick. Not only will it excite your mind to have sex, you can get to learn some new moves as well. For couples, you can talk about what you want and do not want while watching porn. Admit it, there are some things during intercourse that you do not want because it’s creepy or annoying. Get rid of them by communicating openly to your partner even while watching porn.

There are a lot more things on which you can maintain a healthy sex life but that list can go on for hours. To summarize, always keep your body hale and hearty—sure enough, your sex life will always keep you happy.

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