The Effects Of A Sex-Less Marriage

Sex acts as the fuel of a romantic relationship. It keeps the spark alive. Nevertheless, what will happen if you can’t get the intimacy or sexual satisfaction? Can you ever survive in a sexless marriage?

Inevitably, all marriages do experience trials, but once couples have made love not more than ten times every year, that is a different story. Experts refer it as a sexless marriage. Newsweek mentioned that this happens to 15%-20% of married couples out there.

How does it affect the couples?

Sexless marriage for men can be frustrating and disaster. It may even lead to a man’s insecurities or worse, take a toll on their self-esteem. Meanwhile for women, it can be damaging, but in the same way. The fact is, women try to connect emotionally while men opt to connect physically.

To be more specific, most men set standards within themselves, defining their sexual ability. His ego and self-confidence are highly associated with his ability he preserved for his spouse. Similarly, lots of women will feel unloved in their marriage once her partner seems so distant. Why? Women consider affection with love. Contrary to men, a withdrawn husband could be just stressed about office problems or deeply occupied in a project. As soon as he done pondering it over, he won’t hesitate to come back and claim his wife’s love again.

Is it worth staying in a sexless marriage?

Should you stay being a great husband or wife or just get out and make the most out of your life alone? When to say that it is okay to stay in a sexless marriage?

There’s no definite answer for this as everyone has their own distinct idea of what is preferable and acceptable. Some individuals give high importance to sexual connection, others don’t. Furthermore, it changes in the long run as well. Thus, it pays off to address first the cause of having a sexless marriage.

How can you bring back the fire?

According to recent polls, sexless marriage is a rising trend. Major culprits include changes in libido, post-partum depression, and busy working lives. If you’re one of those who struggle in bringing back the lost spark and desire in your relationship, fret not. There’s a plethora of ways to cope with a sexless marriage.

It takes two to tango. Cliché as it may sound but it applies to working out a marriage. You can never do it alone, not unless both of you cooperates. Start being a happy and active couple. Make sure to spend quality time with your significant other. By then, you can both explore different ways to stay connected to each other, spiritually and emotionally. Communicate all the time. When your husband or wife speaks, listen carefully. This could be his/her time to let you know what they’re asking from you.

And more importantly, don’t dare to have extra marital affairs. This is not the right way to resolve your problem in marriage. Instead, having an affair outside marriage is just an indication of a partner’s inconstancy and weakness. When one of you can enjoy a marital life without sex, it is best recommended to quit as soon as possible.

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